A Testimonial

I rarely hear from readers, or the subjects of my articles, reviews etc., unless someone takes umbrage with something that I've written about that involves them. But when praise comes unexpectedly it is an ego boost that makes it all worthwhile. This recent email made my day.

Dear Cynthia

Scott and I just received a copy of your review of THE FLAHERTY: DECADES IN THE CAUSE OF INDEPENDENT CINEMA  published in DOCUMENTARY.

We are so taken by the depth of your thinking, your careful close reading of the historical arguments,  your appreciation for the discussions selected, and the nuance you bring to interpreting our book.  

We wanted to thank you for taking time to read our book, and also, taking the time to write such an elegant review.

We sent it to Indiana University Press marketing, and they informed us they will be pulling a quote from your review for the website for the book!

Thank you again, and we hope to meet up soon.


Patty  (and Scott too!)

Patricia R. Zimmermann, Ph.D.
Professor of Screen Studies
Roy H. Park School of Communication
Codirector, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival

Being on TV in Romania

Romania is not on the tip of everyone's tongue these days, but I spent a wonderful week there back in 2014 as an invited guest serving on the jury at the ASTRA Film Festival in Sibiu. It is a beautiful place and Sibiu is steeped in history, the gateway to Transylvania.

While there, the local TV station filmed an interview where I got to spout off about the fest, the revelations serving on the jury, and my work in film. I recently found the interview on YOUTUBE: