I believe all writing is implicitly about relationship building between writer and reader.



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 I regularly exercise my skills in writing non-fiction, and attempt to make everything I write engaging and personal, showing the fragility and heroism that is part of everyday life.


Photo by Andreka/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Andreka/iStock / Getty Images

The articles, reviews, essays and commentary on this site have been written by me and were previously published. Many were assignments from the editors of those publications. I am grateful for their trust in my ability to explore all subject matter with curiosity and an open mind.  

Newly Published

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Links to my recently published articles, essays, and creative nonfiction will appear here.



"There is no better reflection of the awesome variety of contemporary writing–the styles, perspectives, inspirations, and imaginations–than the countless literary magazines and small presses that publish much of it."
- Poets&Writers Magazine, Nov/Dec 2017


Contributing Editor at Documentary Magazine

Staff Writer at Vermont Women

Staff Writer at Art New England

Contributing Writer Art & Object Magazine

Contributing Writer Artist’s Magazine

Contributing Writer Professional Artist (now defunct)